Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Outdoorsman Holiday Gift Guide |

In the woods, skills are decidedly more important than gear; however, some gear is necessary--and having the right equipment can really make life in the field a lot more enjoyable and safer.

Contrary to what most gear gift guides will try to tell you, the newest, most expensive gear is NOT always the best gear. I shouldn't continue to waste energy getting annoyed with lists that just push the newest, most hi-tech, and expensive gear as if it's the best thing since sliced bread, but I often do. Speaking of which, we actually have included some tasty, thick, camp bread (which you'll need a quality knife to slice!) on our list!

All that being said, I compiled a list of a few of my favorite items for general outdoor use to keep in mind when you're looking for gift ideas for the bushman or woods girl in your life. Based on BMP's modified 10 Essentials list, you can't go wrong with this gear:

2014 Outdoorsman Holiday Gift Guide

1.  Planning

2.  Clothing

3.  Water/Hydration System

4.  Navigation & Illumination

5.  Fire


6.  Tools

7.  Shelter

8.  First Aid & Personal Care

9.  Signals

10. Food