At Bull Moose Patrol, we believe every outdoor excursion—no matter how big or small—offers adventure, excitement, and the chance to enjoy and learn about the world around us. We're sharing our adventures (and misadventures) and knowledge to help you get excited about the outdoorswhether you're a tenderfoot or an experienced guideand create an outdoor adventure you'll love. Walk along the trail with us and take a new look at the outdoors.

We offer classes and presentations--both in person and onlineon wilderness and camping skills, survival skills, as well as custom-guided canoeing and camping trips. Contact us for more information or to schedule a class!

Scott Oeth | Head Guide and Instructor

Registered Maine Guide

Scott Oeth, a native Cheesehead, grew up spending countless hours exploring the forest out his backdoor and enjoying the outdoors with his family. Scott is an Eagle Scout, a Minnesota Master Naturalist, Wilderness First Responder, and a Registered Maine Guide. He has a passion for the beauty, history, and lore of the northwoods; but, Scott isn't picky, and he'll hunt for outdoor experiences wherever he can find them. He enjoys learning and teaching outdoor skills and has taken numerous training courses. When he's not on the trail, Scott is busy running his practice as a Certified Financial Planner practitioner, and has spent a lot of time on the volleyball court, earning USAV and AAU All-American honors.

Linda Hardin | Editor in Chief 

Linda Hardin grew up in rural Minnesota, and although she’s always appreciated natural beauty, she is a self-proclaimed outdoor greenhorn. Direction-impaired and unable to start a fire without an entire box of matches and the Sunday edition of the Wall Street Journal doused in gasoline, Hardin tries to learn something new with every outdoor adventure. She's no tenderfoot though—Hardin has knocked off several marathons and as a professional editor, she's laid her red pen to enough paper to keep a team of lumberjacks on their toes.



Over the years, Scott has presented at several of Midwest Mountaineering’s Outdoor Adventure Expos and always returns with fresh insights and experiences that keep audiences entertained and informed. He definitely has a fan base here and having spoken on a broad range of topics, we’re always eager to see what he’ll present next.
— Peter Marshall, Programs and Events Manager, Midwest Mountaineering
Scott is a highly skilled wilderness expert and adept lecturer who can develop relevant presentations for any group. Regardless of the skill or knowledge level of his audience, he is extremely entertaining and our organizations would book him again in a minute.
— Alison Hruby, Vice President, North Metro Master Naturalist Chapter
Scott’s outdoor skills, instructional background, and hard work made the Cold Weather Leader Training (at Northern Tier High Adventure, Ely MN) a phenomenal educational opportunity in some of the harshest weather we’ve ever experienced. He brought us new techniques and insight from his experiences in the field, and the program definitely benefitted as a result.
— Eric Martinez, Chief Ranger, Philmont Scout Reservation
The passion Scott has for outdoor adventure brings the audience along for a ride, building excitement in the room as he goes. His presentations are engaging and informative. It is evident that he not only has expertise and personal experience in the outdoor skills he teaches, but is also interested in learning from others to further sharpen his techniques.
— Davey Warner, Reservation Director, D-Bar-A Scout Ranch & former Associate Director, Northern Tier High Adventure
Scott is one of our most popular presenters [at Winter Camping Symposium]. Bull Moose Patrol has attended and presented at many of our events. Scott is extremely knowledgeable, and his willingness to share is contagious. BMP is quickly becoming a fixture at the Winter Camping Symposium, and we will continue to ask them to present every year at our event.
— Ryan Fox, Winter Camping Symposium Organizer
Scott presented “The Woodsman’s Essential Skills and Gear.” Scott engages the audience with his presentations and passion for the outdoors. He shows us we don’t need hi-tech, high-cost gear to survive in the outdoors—and we don’t need to be climbing a mountain to use survival skills; we should be prepared anytime, whether it is on a short hike or just traveling in a car. We definitely want Scott back for next year’s Expo.
— Tom Holt, President, International Falls Outdoor Expo