Vintage Trail Recipes from Camp Widjiwagan

YMCA Camp Widjiwagan, based in Ely, Minnesota, has been sending young paddlers on northern adventures since 1929. They offer an incredible canoe tripping program that is designed to advance their students' paddling skills each year. Starting with trips to the Boundary Waters and Quetico area, to increasingly remote northern wilderness river trips, including the Kazan River and Thelon River in Canada, and the Noatak River in Alaska. These trips have the Widjiwagan voyageurs out paddling and canoeing for more than a month! 

Camp Widjiwagan Trail Recipes (circa 1972)

Camp Widjiwagan Trail Recipes (circa 1972)

Trail Recipes

So what do these Voyageurs eat to keep their paddle power up? A unique, resourceful, and even comical set of recipes kept these kids paddling--and coming back to paddle again each Summer. Check out this 1972 copy of Trail Recipes from Camp Widjiwagan.

I imagine their tripping menu may have evolved since 1972, but I can't wait to try some of these vintage concoctions:

  • Swamp Mouth Casserole, page 6 (with the camp based in northern Minnesota, I'd think this should be called "Hot Dish," dontcha know?)

  • Vienna Tomato Souffle, page 9

  • Sourdough, pages 23 - 24

  • Bratnober's Incredible Buffalo Barf Rainbow Marble Cake (B.I.B.B.R.M.C.), page 29 (I think I'd like to try this, but then again, if I found out what it included, maybe not)

Have you heard of any of these recipes or tried any of them? Let us know what you think! We're always looking for fun new recipes to take on the trail with us--especially the tested and trusted recipes from back in the day.

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