Northwoods River Skills Trip with Sam Larson, winner of ALONE!

Sam and I canoe poling during our time at  Jack Mountain Bushcraft River Guide School .  Photo courtesy of    Tim Smith   .

Sam and I canoe poling during our time at Jack Mountain Bushcraft River Guide School. Photo courtesy of Tim Smith.

Bull Moose Patrol is partnering with Sam Larson, winner of the hit television survival show, "Alone," for a three day, adventure-filled, and skills-intensive canoe trip in the beautiful northwoods of Wisconsin!*

I met Sam several years ago at the Jack Mountain Bushcraft River Guide School in northern Maine, and we immediately hit it off! While I've been running Bull Moose Patrol, Sam has gone on to win the incredibly grueling ALONE survival show. Sam starred in two seasons of ALONE. In his debut season, he survived alone in Vancouver Island’s wilderness for 55 days, which landed him in a solid second place. He returned for redemption in a later season where, after 60 days in Mongolia's harsh and unforgiving wilderness, he outlasted everyone for the win!

Paddling and Bushcraft with BMP and Sam from ALONE!

Scouting the rapids on the Flambeau River.

Scouting the rapids on the Flambeau River.

Now, Sam and I have put together a fun and educational canoe trip designed to help you learn to survive and thrive in the wilderness! With everything from river canoeing skills (including an intro to whitewater paddling) and camp craft, to survival skills and trip prep (physical and mental), this traveling on-river canoe trip is a great way to advance your outdoor skills!

Register Today!

When: August 16-18, 2019 (Canoes in the water Friday AM for three full days on the river!)

Where: Wisconsin’s mighty Flambeau River

Cost: $500/person ($150 deposit by July 1, 2019)

Register: Email Scott ( to apply for a spot on this trip. Space is limited to 10 people!

Registration includes: Canoes, dry bags for your personal gear, delicious meals, group camp equipment, and first aid gear, as well as more wilderness skills instruction and good times than you can shake a stick at:

  • River Navigation: Reading currents, identifying dangerous obstacles, and navigating rapids

  • River Safety: Self and group rescues, avoiding dangers, and recovering from mishaps

  • River Paddling Strokes and Maneuvers: Draw and cross, braces, ferrying, eddy turns, etc.

  • Traditional Canoeing Skills: Canoe poling, paddling solo, portaging

  • Fire Skills: Modern, emergency, and primitive fire lighting (including “Bow Drill” fire) and fire management

  • Axe, Saw, and Knife Use: The lost art of edged tool use for the woodsman

  • Knots and Rope Work: Essential knot and rope knowledge for the wilderness traveller

  • Campfire Cooking: Baking, frying, boiling, and primitive cooking techniques

  • Shelters: Tents, tarps, and survival shelters (Including “Kochanski Super Shelter”), including selection and efficient use

  • Bears, Bugs, Ticks and Leeches: How to enjoy and safely live in the woods filled with things that bite!

  • Staying Warm and Dry: Packing, clothing, and camp skills to prevent hypothermia on a wilderness trip or in a survival situation

  • Primitive Traps: Learn how Sam sourced protein while on ALONE!

A couple of things to note: This is a traveling river trip where the focus will be safely completing the journey and having a good time. Time will be made throughout the trip to include demonstrations and teaching elements designed to increase your modern expedition techniques, as well as introduce you to forgotten northwoods bushcraft and survival skills! This is not a fishing trip; however if you have a license, you may have some time for fishing in camp. Participants will share a role in camp chores. Individuals will be responsible for their own clothing and personal items (gear list provided with registration). Bull Moose Patrol has some loaner tents, sleeping bags, and pads, if needed, so let us know when you apply if you need anything.

*The trip is planned for the Flambeau River in northwest Wisconsin (one of our favorite rivers); however, if weather conditions or water levels at the time make the trip unsafe or unrunnable, we’ll call an audible and change locations to somewhere comparable, both in location and geography.